Eating tapas is part of the tapeo tradition of stimulating the appetite with friends while trysting and drinking an aperitif. The art of the tapeo, Alicia Rio, a Spanish food writer, tells us, “is like a baroque, sybaritic game, as it pleases the five senses by means of multifarious smells, friendly pats on the back, the sight and beauty of the streets. It induces states of inspiration and delight, it gives rise to witty banter on trivial topics and the interchange of snippets of juicy gossip.”​

Tapas are typically grouped into three main categories, according to how easy they are to eat: cosas de picar, pinchos, and cazuelas. Cosas de picar (meaning “things to nibble”) basically refer to finger food. If a utensil like banderillas, (decorated toothpicks that get their name because they look like the darts used in a bullfight) are used to eat the food, the tapa is called pinchos. Cazuelas (little dishes) are tapas that usually come in sauce, for example, albóndigas (meatballs) or shrimp fried in garlic. Any way you eat them, our Tapas are renowned for their taste of presentation. See for yourself below.

Relish Modern Tapas is an oasis of new age tapas - small plates of familiar dishes infused with flavors from cuisines around the World.​

Eating at Relish is a dining discovery - just choose a selection of gourmet quality food which comes in smaller portions and share with family and friends for an enjoyable and relaxed dining experience in our restaurant.

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